Window Options

All windows are fully customize with an almost limitless number of shape, colour, grill and other options. Your imagination is the only limit to the final appearance of your windows.

Grill Options

Pro-Clean Setup – Activ Self-Clean, Argon Gas
Pro-Safe Setup(Tripane) – Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Low E Coating, Argon Gas
Krypton Setup – Low E Coating, Krypton Gas – (40%.60%.90%)
Custon Setups

Triple Pane
Standard Setup – Low E Coating x2, Argon Gas x2
Pro-Clean Setup – Activ Self-Clean, Low E Coating, Argon Gas x2, 
Krypton Setup– Low E Coating x2, Krypton Gas (40%.60%.90%) x2
Custon Setups

Glass Options

Grill choices can be the most important accent for any home or building. Window Pro offers both vinyl and plated grills.

Shape Options

Our 100% lead-Free uPVC – environmentally safe vinyl technology allows you the freedom to explore new heights in windows engineering. Non-standard polygons can turn into full circles, egg shapes into hexagons, angles or curves no shape is unattainable. Due to Window-Pro’s innovation of template design. Feel comfortable with shapes.

Colour Options

Window Pro Vinyl can be made of any colour you desire. Colours apply to exterior and interior windows and grill options except plated grills, although customization is possible.

Window Pro glass also has a variety of tinting and frost options. Standard colour tints include; silver, bronze, and blue. Frosting options such as opaque, glue chipping, and sandblasting are typically used in bathrooms for increased privacy. 

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