Lu-Mar Windows & Doors is the province wide leader in providing Canadian homeowners with comfort and peace of mind when it comes to putting windows and doors in their home. Lu-Mar Windows & Doors installing the highest quality energy efficient windows and doors available anywhere which is how Lu-Mar Windows & Doors has earned the reputation of The Best Quality and Value”.

Lu-Mar Windows & Doors is best known for quality, integrity, innovation, installation and energy efficient windows and doors.

Lu-Mar Windows & Doors is a family owned and operated business established in 2005.  We have been in the window and door renovation business for nearly 10 years. Lu-Mar Windows & Doors has been trusted with over 7,500 installations of windows and doors in Toronto (GTA) and the Southern Ontario region.

You know your home has a personality, and we have the right windows to enhance that unique character perfectly. We know that windows are an integral part of your home’s personality. We also have the right doors to compliment that unique character perfectly.

We offer only quality window and door products, at an excellent value, with Life Time Warranty!


At Lu-Mar all windows and doors are custom made to your homes exact specifications to ensure the tightest, most energy efficient fit possible!

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