Double Slider

The double slider tilt windows are based on the swing-in shoe mechanism. All windows in the swing-in family have an easy-to-clean option where dual tabs allow a customer to easily swing-in the operating sashes to facilitate wiping of the exterior glass surface.

Double Slider Tilts are most commonly used in bedrooms, common areas, below picture windows, and occasionally in above-ground basement openings.

Double Slider Tilts are the easiest window style to clean due to the fact that both sashes can tilt-in.


Swing-in ability

  • Ability to tilt-in slider sash frames for easy-to-clean option..

Heavy Duty Lock 

  • All sliders have standard cam lock(s), locks are added according to size of the window.
  • Child-proof locks available on all sliding windows.

Removable Screen
Multiple Drainage Channels


Double Slider windows provide effective ventilation

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